Smart business development calls for use of a combination of skills in assessing an opportunity, sales, relationship building. TeqLaa Solutions is a network of smart business developers with deal-making, sales, licensing, and legal expertise to help growth companies scale faster!


Our Business development efforts involve pursuing opportunities for long-term growth for our clients through customers, markets, and relationships. Deal-making is an important skill we use throughout our efforts. Deal-making often involves persuasion and negotiations focused on integrative or value-creating relationships.  The real-life experiences we have gathered and the networks we have built uniquely help us bring deal making and smart business development to help our clients.

Because of the legal and compliance skills we bring, in addition to business skills, our capacities can be further extended to assess legal risks and explain the tradeoffs to your management, investors, and stakeholders. You can read about our Legal Solutions here:

For our international clients, we offer US country CXO, “virtual subsidiary”, and  “virtual HQ” services to ensure a solid presence in the US market.

To the extent you need other services  (e.g., legal, IT, marketing, IP Strategy, management consulting, etc.), we are able to present top-notch talent through our Brain Trust Network to augment our services and your resources.



The clients we serve include global enterprises, emerging growth startups, and international companies.

Our experiences span across industries such as software, hardware, mobile, web, gaming, media, healthcare, cloud, banking, payment services, public sector, and scientific fields.


Case Study 1

Client: Early-stage, market-leading car sharing services company.

Need: Secure in-vehicle technology (telematics platform) and financial support to help drive growth.

Approach: Conducted comprehensive research on the market and players. Through our extensive network, made targeted contact with executives at all major U.S., European, and Asian automakers. Used refined questionnaire to guide conversations, while focusing on three (3) companies with both technology and willingness to provide financial support.Identified Honda Motor Company as the top prospect. Managed software due diligence process and helped negotiate and close the deal, which included conceiving a mutually beneficial vehicle lease program between the parties.

  • Securing royalty-free license rights to the telematics platform that accelerated scaling and dramatically cut IT costs of client.
  • Creative lease finance deal in exchange for agreement to use Honda cars exclusively for a limited period that helped client cut vehicle acquisition cost and fueled non-dilutive growth.
  • Helped spur client growth overall significantly, leading to merger with competitor andan IPO.
  • Helped bolster Honda’s positioning as one of the world’s most innovative automobile manufacturers.
  • Paved ways for a long lasting mutually beneficial strategic relationship.


Case Study 2

Client: Emerging growth real time sentiment and voice of all solution technology company.

Need: Establish presence in Pacific Northwest, assist with launch in US, and assist in key hires (VP of sales, General Counsel, and advisors).

Approach: Meet the executive team and identify strategic growth goals, SWOT analysis to identify gaps.  Through an extensive network in Pacific Northwest, make targeted introductions to key local experts in technology, software, cloud, sales and marketing, IP, corporate securities, and investment. Introductions and facilitate in person meetings.  Help refine presentations and value proposition. Solicit feedback for product refinement. Help establish Pacific Northwest office.  Explore opportunities for a full US launch collaboration in Seattle.  Introduce potential customers and investors. Facilitate the due diligence process associated with bridge funding. Prospect competent counsels in IP and corporate securities.


  • In person meetings with key influencers and investors arranged.
  • Helped establish the Pacific Northwest network and office location.
  • Following successful prospecting, hired VP of Sales.
  • US launch in Seattle in collaboration with Startup Grind Seattle.
  • Event participant feedback that helped refine the product.
  • Facilitate negotiation of terms and compensation plans.
  • Successful hiring of the securities counsels.
  • Due diligence process on bridge funding completed.


Case Study 3

Client: Early stage financial services company with a SaaS platform focused on healthcare payments for employees using employer-funded portable accounts.

Need: Leveraging the existing employee benefits sales network(s), secure national distribution at minimal or low cost.

Approach: Worked with the board, shareholders, government officials, regulatory agencies, and insurance providers to identify key decision-makers at top 30 U.S. health insurance companies. Refined focus to identify companies with strong individual insurance policy divisions as evidenced by their participation in healthcare exchanges and marketplaces.  Leveraged the client’s platform advantage – the ability to transmit premiums directly from employers –as a value add that helps ensure consistent payment as a value added service for healthcare carriers’ and brokers’ existing offerings. Portable account feature in client’s portal helped insurance brokers retain their clients by identifying all account-holders who switch jobs while enrolled in their policies.


  • Within 2 months, engaged with 30 executives at the 10 largest national and additional 6 large regional insurance carriers.
  • Made detailed technology and business case presentations to 6 carriers.
  • Negotiated with General Counsel and secured agreement with individual insurance market subsidiary of United Healthcare (UHC) to initiate pilot projects in Florida and Ohio.
  • Generated agreement with UHC to promote client’s portable healthcare account while connecting client with statewide UHC brokerage networks.
  • Client’s monthly revenue doubled within 60 days of starting the pilot.


Case Study 4

Client: Personal protection gear developer selling unique products through catalogs to the military and law enforcement personnel.

Need:Develop and help execute a strategy to sell products in large quantities under a contract to military organizations. Help develop additional products to create a line of products once the sales channels were established. 

Approach: Worked through customer contacts to capture user testimonials and obtained introductions to higher-ranking officers. Developed strong use cases for the products, which exceeded the military use. Developed more functional and less expensive variety of competitive gear for a broad variety of use scenarios beyond military and law enforcement.  Arranged multiple demonstrations of products at regional military conferences to generate broad-based demand and secure the “preferred” specification for the product. Worked with relevant members of Congress to secure defense-spending carve-outs to fund contract purchases of client’s gear.


  • Secured Congressional set-asides for more than $15 million to fund contracts to purchase client’s patented products that fell out of the requirement of competitive bids.
  • Assisted client in their efforts to broaden the product roadmap by developing a sophisticated array of new products in the areas of ballistic protection and biological defense.
  • Played a key role in growth of client’s annual revenue from $200K to more than $15M.